Witness claims Sandbox Veterans still active

Two men identified as the Sandbox Veterans were spotted going door to door in Fort Wayne neighborhoods.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A man claims he saw two men he identified as the Sandbox Veterans soliciting in neighborhoods on the North side of Fort Wayne Friday afternoon. This sighting came after the Indiana Attorney General has summoned the ‘Sandbox Veterans’ to court in an attempt to get its financial records, among other documents. “Volunteers” with the Sandbox Veterans panhandled donations from drivers around Fort Wayne for close to three years. They told NewsChannel 15 the money went to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with PTSD. However, many in the community have questioned where the money was really going. The group has emphatically declined to comment on its nonprofit organization and the dissolved its nonprofit standing with the state following 15 Finds Out‘s series of investigation that started in February 2014. The source, who did not want to be identified, owns a landscaping company and was working in the Pine Valley neighborhood when he noticed two men pulling a rolling crate object and going door to door. The man wasn’t sure if they were selling items or collecting donations. “I realized immediately it was the Sandbox veterans because I’ve been face to face with them many of times over there by the gas station where they used to solicit,” he said. He said the two have changed their appearances. The older gentleman has apparently traded his veteran hat for a cowboy hat, and the younger man shaved his beard to a goatee. He said they had a new approach, but they stuck to their comfort area. He said they were going through the Pine Valley and Windrift neighborhoods just north of Dupont. “It’s beyond me to think they must think people out here are really dumb,” he said. He said he’s not sure if they are still calling themselves the Sandbox Veterans, but he does want them taken off the streets, especially if there’s no evidence that they are giving to charities.

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