A pleasant Thursday followed by end of week rain

We’ll experience continued relief from high heat and humidity on Thursday when high temperatures reach only to the upper 70s.  The “Muggy Meter” will be set at “Comfortable” all day long.

By the Labor Day weekend, though, humidity will increase again and high temps will peak in the mid 80s.  A couple of weather systems will be moving through the Midwest during this time, providing periods of rain and some thunderstorms from Friday through Monday.

Morning: Partly cloudy.

Low: 59°

Winds: NW-NE 5 mph

Thursday:  Partly cloudy morning, mostly cloudy afternoon.

High: 78°

Winds: NE 5 mph

Thursday Night:  Mostly cloudy.  Some scattered rain possible by late night.

Low: 63°

Winds: SE 5-10 mph

Friday: Mostly cloudy with scattered rain and storms possible.

High: 84°

Winds: S 5-10 mph

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