Unsettled holiday weekend

If you’re gearing up for the extended weekend, keep an umbrella handy for some rain, but don’t expect rain to washout or cancel your plans!

Strong southwesterly winds over the Labor Day weekend will bring in warm air and higher humidity levels.  Plus, a couple of weather systems will produce periods of rain and thunderstorms.  With the higher humidity out there, we have plenty of moisture that can be squeezed out as rain by any storms that develop, so be aware that heavy rain is possible that could produce some localized flooding.

Our best rain and storm chances this weekend come during the afternoons and evenings of Saturday and Monday.  Sunday may not end up completely rain-free, but it does offer the best potential for the day with the most dry hours in it over the extended weekend.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy with scattered rain and storms. Not a washout. Breezy

High: 83°

Winds: SW 10-20 mph

Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy with scattered rain and storms.

Low: 68°

Winds: SW 5-10 mph

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, a slight chance of scattered rain/storms developing – primarily in the morning.

High: 82°

Winds: SW 5-10 mph

Sunday Night:  Mostly cloudy

Low: 68°

Winds: S 5-10 mph

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