Much more like fall this week

A cold morning is ahead, as a result of a cold front that has moved through the region and is now well to the east.  This front brought us our early Tuesday rain and, now that the front has exited east, rain chances are out of the picture for now.  Some patches of fog, though, will develop as temps fall to the mid 40s by morning.

Wednesday gets off to a fairly cloudy start with the opportunity for the clouds to thin a bit and, perhaps, allow for some sunshine during the afternoon.  High temps will remain on the cooler side of average, in the mid 60s.

By Thursday, a temporary surge of warm air moves in ahead of our next weather system that will deliver rain and thunderstorms by late in the day and into Friday morning.  While highs will jump back to near 80 on Thursday, we’ll see a dramatic fall by the weekend with highs only in the 50s.

Morning: Mostly cloudy.  Patches of fog developing.

Low: 45°

Winds: NE 1-5 mph

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy.

High: 66°

Winds: SE 1- 5 mph

Wednesday Night: Mostly cloudy.

Low: 52°

Winds: SE 1-5 mph

Thursday: Mostly cloudy.

High: 79°

Winds: SE 5-15 mph, gusts to 20 mph

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