Jesse Hawila storm chases in Nebraska

This is the edge of a super cell NewsChannel 15's Jesse Hawila saw storm chasing in Nebraska Sunday.

OMAHA, Neb. (WANE) – NewsChannel 15 Meteorologist Jesse Hawila spent Sunday storm chasing in Nebraska.

In his trip, he and Meteorologist David Wallace, a storm chase partner from Ball State University, saw two rain-wrapped tornadoes. That is a tornado that is largely blocked from view by heavy rain.

Hawila arrived in Omaha around 4:30 EST and started viewing data to see where the storms were forming. A super cell exploded and Hawila and Wallace chased the storm. They followed it from Hastings back to Omaha, around 150 miles.

“We do this because we love to learn about severe weather. By going out to see these structures and how they are related to radar like we did today, we can understand storm structure better and what makes a storm produce a tornado. It helps me as a meteorologist to understand how to warn the public. I can tell you much better what radar images mean because I’ve seen it on radar and then in real life,” Hawila said.

Watch the videos above to see what it was like storm chasing.




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