Community Center set to open just in time for summer

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A new and improved McMillen Community Center is set to re-open its doors just in time for summer. Plans for development came about after the ice-rink was moved three years ago. Now, city leaders want it to be a place for more resources for people in the community.

Neighborhood youth will be able to play on new basketball courts and soccer fields. However, there will also be access to tutors for students before and during the upcoming school year. The center will also have computers which leaders said is important in an area of town where many people don’t have access to one, especially for job searching.

In addition to programming for youth, adults will also have a variety of resources primarily in the afternoon and evening. The website lists classes on job readiness and gang prevention as well as more active options such as quilting and pottery. For a list of complete programming at the McMillen Center, click here. Leaders said they hope the new center will help keep our city safer.

“Hopefully, they’ll look at us as an option to do different programming, to be involved in our programming instead of finding criminal activity to do,” McMillen Park Facility Supervisor, Samuel Young, said.

In April, a squirrel got into the electrical equipment of the building in McMillen Park and caused $300,000 worth of damage. Leaders said parts have been ordered, and that shouldn’t hurt the opening currently scheduled for June 7.



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