Residents oppose possible Huntington annexation

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Huntington Township residents are fighting back against possible annexation plans from the city of Huntington.

Mayor Brooks Fetters proposed an eight year, five phase annexation plan in March. Some of the area includes parts of Huntington County by the airport and hospital along US 24. The mayor said the plan will aid development in Huntington. He said the city hasn’t had major infrastructure changes in the past three decades. He said it’s important to invest in “how the development around the gateways of the city develop.”

With the annexation, people will receive city water and sewer along with police and fire protection. The mayor said the area located in the first phase of the project is already receiving city utilities, so annexing that portion is a natural step. However, residents of Huntingtown Township are concerned because they believe farmland is not the best option and would increase taxes for people living there.

“The difficulty with farmland is everybody’s stretched out, so it’s going to cost the city more to put that infrastructure out, and they’ll have less people paying them back,” Dr. Lana Patch, who’s against the annexation said.

The mayor admitted people who have their property annexed will see slightly higher property taxes.

“The impact all the way around, I won’t say is not there, but it’s not as dramatic as what I believe some are being led to believe,” Mayor Fetters said.

People opposed to the annexation will be holding a meeting on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Cafe of Hope, Life Church located at 950 E. State St. in Huntington.

Also, the annexation public hearing will be on June 3.


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