Schrader wants recount after close race

Courtesy NWS IWX

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Tommy Schrader ran against two other democratic candidates for the Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District nomination. Justin Kuhnle won over Schrader by 83 votes, causing Schrader to look into a recount.

“At first I wasn’t going to do it,” said Schrader. “But I think I owe the people who voted for me, make sure there were no mistake.”

Schrader said he was made aware of some provisional ballots that still needed to be counted. That’s why he said he wanted a recount.

This isn’t his first time in the election spotlight. Schrader has run for numerous of offices, but his most notable run was for an at-large seat on the Fort Wayne City Council. In 2011, he won the democratic nomination, but it was discovered that he resided and voted in Green Bay, Wis. Since he didn’t follow the residency laws required to run for office, the Allen County Election Board ruled he was ineligible. Schrader fought that decision in court, but the judge ruled that he didn’t file his paperwork correctly and had to dismiss his case.

Schrader told NewsChannel 15 that he hasn’t filed the paperwork to start the recount, but said he’ll be hiring an attorney and will be filing in the coming days.

During Tuesday’s election, he spent time at the Allen County Republican Headquarters as the votes were coming in. He was nearly arrested after being told to leave the headquarters for causing a disturbance.

“It was fun, exhilarating, and maybe I had a couple too many to drink,” he said.

The democratic candidate will go against Marlin Stutzman in the general election in the fall.

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