3 Ind. GOP legislators defeated in primary

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Three incumbent Indiana legislators have lost their re-election bids in the Republican primary, while some others won tough races.

Veteran Republican Sen. John Waterman of Shelburn lost a close race to Washington City Councilman Eric Bassler in southwestern Indiana.

Rep. Rebecca Kubacki of Syracuse and Rep. Kathy Heuer of Columbia City lost to challengers who targeted their votes against the proposed state constitutional gay marriage ban.

Kubacki was defeated by Curt Nisly of Goshen. He’s the husband of the Elkhart County Republican chairwoman. Heuer lost to tea party conservative Christopher Judy of Fort Wayne.

Meanwhile, House Education Chairman Robert Behning of Indianapolis defeated a critic of state-funded private school vouchers. Fort Wayne Rep. Bob Morris won a narrow race two years after his criticism of the Girl Scouts drew scorn.

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