Huntington teen helps pass Florida parasailing bill

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Huntington teen hurt in a parasailing accident last summer is celebrating a legislative victory. A bill to regulate the water sport passed in Florida late last week.

Alexis Fairchild and Sidney Good were on vacation last July when their parasail line snapped, sending them flying into a hotel balcony and onto a parked car. Both girls have had multiple surgeries and continue to recover.

Alexis Fairchild sat down with NewsChannel 15 for an exclusive interview back in March. She talked about her recovery and also her work with Florida lawmakers to create a parasailing bill.  NewsChannel 15 caught up with Alexis again Sunday and she said the bill passing makes everything she’s gone through worth it.

“I’m kind of in shock mode because it’s just really honoring and just so cool to put like regulations in place for something that pretty much almost took my life. Because this happened to me, passing makes it so much better. It’s kind of okay now, just because it means one person isn’t going to go through what I did,” said Fairchild.

The bill now heads to Florida’s Governor Rick Scott. The new law would prohibit parasailing in certain weather conditions and require companies to carry insurance. Prior to this bill, no laws regulated parasailing in Florida. The new laws should go into effect in July 2015.


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