Democrats focus on November’s election

ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – Democrats only have a few candidates contesting each other in Tuesday’s election, which means they can focus on November’s election.

“Well, we’re fortunate we don’t have a lot of races or internal battles happening within our party,” said John Court, Allen County Democratic Party chairperson.

The only major race that has democrats contesting each other is the Indiana 3rd Congressional District. There are three candidates in that race: Justin Kuhnle, Jim Redmond and Tommy Schrader. Court realizes that northeast Indiana tends to vote republican, but he said it’s all about getting the right candidate for the job.

“It is doable. It’s about finding the right candidates, getting the message out to our voters, and confident that we several of those running this year in 2014,” he said.

Andy Downs, with Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics, said democrats have struggled for decades to find supporters due to this area having conservative voters. He said their strategy of focusing on certain candidates in certain races has worked in their favor, such as the mayor race in Fort Wayne. He said once they find a few solid candidates, and give them all resources needed to win the race, that’s when they’re strongest.

Court said even though this primarily a republican area, he’s confident in November’s election because candidates have time to reach out to potential supporters.

Democrats will have a results party at their headquarters located at 7301 Decatur Road, Fort Wayne. It will be from 6:30 p.m. until 9 p.m.

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