Mailer causes dispute between two Republican candidates

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Voters inside the Indiana Senate District 15 boundaries received a mailer Friday that has started a war of words between the candidate who sent it, Darren Vogt, and Liz Brown.

The two, along with Ken Fries and Jeff Snyder, are all running against each other in next week’s primary.

The mailer stated that Brown, “is a registered Civil and Domestic Mediator with her own mediation business, but there are no records of her ever mediating a case.”  Vogt’s mailer sourced a state website.  Click here for that source.

“I think it’s important that people know the business side and the business background,” Vogt said.  “I went out, looked at the sources, did some research, and decided this was important to know the candidates.”

On Friday afternoon, Brown held a press conference to dispute Vogt’s claim.

“I’ve been very forthright about my background as a licensed attorney, a mother of seven, a former city council member, and more recently, a licensed and practicing mentor,” Brown said.  “I am registered as both a domestic and civil mediator in Indiana and Ohio.  Since December 2012, after opening my own mediation practice and being listed on Allen County’s list of mediators, I have mediated cases here in Allen County.”

Brown brought county documents to back her statement.  Click here to view her first source.

Click here to view her second source.

Click here to view her third source.

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