BAE Systems breaks ground on new facility

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – BAE Systems broke ground Friday morning on what will soon be the home of the company’s state-of-the-art facility.  The company’s currently leasing a building on Taylor Street, but hopes a year from now to move into a new plant on Ardmore Avenue.

The new facility will be near the corner of Ardmore Avenue and Airport Expressway.  It’s very close to Darlington Warehouse.  Leaders say it will add more money to our economy and jobs.  They say it was the folks here who already work for them that made BAE officials want to build their beautiful new facility in Fort Wayne.

“For them to choose Fort Wayne certainly speaks volumes to our city,” Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry said.

All of this stems from BAE’s aging plant on Taylor Street.  Officials decided it was time for a change.  BAE could had built it anywhere, but their employees and the momentum of the city made them want to stay.

“I think they saw that they were going to stay in Fort Wayne even though it was a competitive environment they decided to stay here. They are going to be adding onto the workforce. We are very excited.”

“In my remarks I said second to none. You know I wouldn’t go around to every place and say that, but the folks here are completely dedicated to our customer set. They can be counted on time and time again. We get accolades from our customers all of the time,” VP of Operations BAE Systems Steve Schneps said.

BAE makes vital parts that keep airliners running as you fly across the ocean and keep our servicemen and women safe.  So the skill set of their employees plays an important role.

“Because they are put into an environment where they cannot fail. You or I do not want to be on an airliner that is having issues with failure and especially when we are doing military type of electronics as well where the lives of our servicemen and women depend upon it as well.”


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