Farmer helps trooper catch fleeing driver

farmer helps arrest erratic driver
This photo was taken by Master Trooper Dan Ringer who happened to be flying his personal aircraft in the area at the time.

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, Ind. (WANE)  A man who who took off on foot through a farm field after being spotted driving erratically by an Indiana State Trooper probably never expected that same trooper to jump out of a farmer’s tractor with his taser drawn and arrest him.

The picture taken by a trooper who happened to be flying his personal aircraft in the area at the time shows the suspect, Jacob P, Miller, 41, of Plymouth in the custody of Indiana State Police Lieutenant Chad Larsh.

The incident took place last week when Larsh, who is the Bremen Post Commander, saw Miller driving erratically in rural Kosciusko County.  Larsh was running the vehicle information when he lost sight of Miller’s Pontiac Grand Am.  A short time later he spotted the car parked in a driveway in Etna Green.  When Larsh got out of his squad car, he saw Miller running through a farm field.

Larsh got back in his car and tried following Miller along a road that ran parallel to the field.  “It was obvious he was eluding me because I had my lights on,” Larsh told NewsChannel 15.  “He was always running in the opposite direction that I was driving.”

At the same time, police dispatchers contacted Larsh to say a farmer who was plowing the field Miller was running through had called offering to help.

The farmer drove over to the road where Larsh had pulled over and picked him up.  He then drove off through the field after Miller who quickly surrendered.

“I’m pretty sure he never saw it coming. The man was assuming that the farmer was there to help him,” said Larsh.

The farmer, who wanted to remain anonymous at this time, and Larsh were able to pull up next to Miller.

“We met up and I jumped on the tractor with him,” Larsh said.  “We literally pulled up within 25 feet of him.  [Miller] was on the phone at that point.  I popped the door of the tractor and saw his hands were free of any weapon, so I had my taser pulled out and ordered him to the ground.  He complied and there was no further resistance.”

Miller is believed to have gotten scared when he saw the trooper’s car because he was on probation and had a suspended driver’s license.  He was arrested for resisting arrest and driving while suspended.

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