Family abruptly awakened after car slams into house

A car slammed into the back of a house in New Haven Thursday night.

NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WANE) – A mother and daughter were jolted awake Wednesday night after a car slammed into their house.

Shortly before midnight, a New Haven police officer attempted to pull over a vehicle for excessive speed along Landin Road.

About the time the officer turned around the car veered off the road and left a trail of destruction, according to officers on scene.

The driver, whose name has not been released, slammed through a vinyl privacy fence and barely clipped the back corner of a house sitting on Sunpointe Cove in the Bay Meadows housing addition. After clipping that house the driver continued through a wooden privacy fence and barreled into the back of another house.

The damage to the home at 1584 Sunpointe Cove is extensive. The car stopped about halfway into the Reber family’s living room.

The damage to a house in New Haven after a car slammed into it Thursday night.
The damage to a house in New Haven after a car slammed into it Thursday night.

Teresa and her daughter Jena were sleeping upstairs when the crash happened.

“We heard a loud noise and then my mom was screaming,” Jena Reber told NewsChannel 15. “We ran downstairs to see what happened and there was a car in our living room.”

The impact of the crash tossed a wall-mounted fireplace across the room. Several pictures and a television were also strewn about the room.

“The living room is trashed,” Jena Reber said.

Teresa Reber said she thought the house was collapsing. Both mother and daughter said they’ve never seen anything like it.

The driver managed to plow through a fire hydrant at the corner of Landin Park Drive and Landin Road. Debris from both fences was scattered all over both yards. The driver went approximately 100 feet from the point where he left the road and came to a stop in the house.

Officers at the scene said the driver suffered minor injuries.

Investigators believe excessive speed and alcohol were likely factors in the crash.



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