Allen County receives ‘D’ grade for air quality

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) According to a new report from the American Lung Association, the air we breathe needs some improvement.Allen County had the only ‘D’ grade in Indiana.

See all the results of the 2014 report here. 

13 other counties received ‘F’s.

Allen County received a ‘B’ in 2012, a ‘C’ last year and now a ‘D.’

The report highlights levels in our ozone layer and particle pollution both within 24 hours and annually.

“The D is more of us saying this is happening more frequently then it is that other places also happening at a frequency that should be worrisome to people,” said Mike Kolleng, Manager of Healthy Air Campaign for the American Lung Association.

Nationwide, it’s better news.

“The trends have for the most part been downward, which really shows the positive things that are happening. Unfortunately, what we’re seeing in a lot of areas is that we’re still not seeing those As, those areas where there’s zero days of any of these types of pollutants and that’s where we’re really working towards,” said Kolleng.

Dr. Deborah McMahan, Allen County Health Commissioner said this report highlights the work that Allen County still needs to do.

“We know that that can have long-term impacts. We’re looking at things like causing lung disease, including cancers. In the short-run, what we can do is trigger a spasm in your lungs,” said Dr. McMahan.

That’s why it’s important to monitor the ozone layer.

“As we’re experiencing warmer temperatures, more unpredictable weather patterns, we’re really seeing this increase in ozone that is quite worrisome,” said Kolleng.

If you are concerned about this, the American Lung Association has a State of the Air app that lets you know the quality of air. Leaders said it’s up to the community to lower these numbers.

To find your county’s grade or for more information about the report, click here.

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