SACS suspends ISTEP testing

File Photo. (AP Photo/Joe Raymond)

Fort Wayne, Ind. (WANE) After dealing with glitches during testing on Tuesday, Southwest Allen County Schools has decided to suspend ISTEP testing.

SACS Superintendent Dr. Steve Yager posted on the district’s website and told NewsChannel 15 that he and his staff decided to stop testing at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday. 

Once again the ISTEP testing company (CTB McGraw Hill) has failed to successfully provide the infrastructure necessary to conduct the 2014 ISTEP exams,” Yager writes. 

Middle school students began testing before 8 a.m. Yager said students were able to complete the first test, but by the time they got to the second test, many were not able to finish. Yager also said none of the third through fifth graders were even able to take the test. It was an issue that effected around 3,000 students. Kids experienced issues such as getting kicked off, receiving a waiting screen, or not being able to log on to the computer at all.

Yager said the company admitted to not being able to handle the load of students logging on to the server at the same time. There will be no testing on Wednesday. The school will assess the situation Tuesday and make a decision on how to proceed. Dr. Yager said the options are to move to pencil and paper tests, continue testing on Thursday, or postpone the test even longer.



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