Family without home after car crashes through it

Angelina Jones and her mother return to their home, now deemed unsafe to live in, to pick up some belongings.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) A family has been forced from its home after a car crashed through it early Tuesday morning.

Photo Gallery | Car slams into home, takes out fire hydrant

“We didn’t know if it was an earthquake, I don’t know, it was so loud, so distinct, we just both woke up kind of screaming for each other,” said Angelina Jones.

Just before 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, a car crashed into Lisa Jones-St. Clair and her daughter, Angelina Jones’ house on East Creighton Avenue.

Deemed unsafe to live in, the pair returned Tuesday to get some belongings.

“We had to have the gas and everything shut off, it’s pretty dangerous. So, the lights probably will not work in here. Here is where it came through and they have it boarded up now,” said Jones.

Inside, a television sits on its side, a couch in shambles and a fire hydrant lays by the refrigerator, plucked from the ground outside.

In disbelief and without much sleep, they recall the night before.

“We were standing at the top of the stairs and I said it looks like I actually thought it was a SUV or a truck, it turned out to be a car.”

Police later picked up a woman on Lafayette Street who they believed was the driver.

Officers removed what appeared to be a bottle of alcohol from inside her vehicle.

So far, investigators have not officially said whether alcohol was a factor.

“We can hear moving around, someone moving around and we kept calling and no one said anything.”

According to Jones, firefighters told her the front door was open when they arrived and that’s probably where she ran out.

“Somehow it was a miracle that we survived and she made it out alive too.”

Now, the family has to figure out where to go from here.

“The Red Cross reached out and offered to put us up for a night and then we’ll make some decisions from there.”


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