Hundreds of kids explore vehicles at Touch-a-Truck event

NewsChannel 15's Nicholas Ferreri volunteers at the Touch a Truck event with WANE's Fury Tracker.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – More than 500 kids explored dozens of vehicles at Ivy Tech Northeast’s Touch-a-Truck event on Saturday.

Kids and families were able to check out a tow truck, limo, Citilink bus, ambulance, fire truck, garage truck, and more. NewsChannel 15’s Chief Meteorologist Nicholas Ferreri was at the event with WANE’s Fury Tracker.

Jerrilee Mosier, chancellor of Ivy Tech, said the event allows kids to see the different types of vehicles used in each occupation.

“They may see the trucks driving down the street, but now they get to climb in them and blow their horn and kind of experience what it would be like to drive a truck for that particular occupation,” Mosier said.

Touch-a-Truck event
Touch-a-Truck event



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