Cyclist killed in Indy was from Fort Wayne

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – 23-year-old cycling enthusiast Neil Kelty practiced safety year round. Still, he died Thursday morning during his morning bike ride to work.

Kelty, who is from Fort Wayne according to his Facebook page, dedicated the last several weeks to learning the best and safest way to ride to and from work. Just last week he tweeted he surpassed 250 miles. Thursday morning, he died doing what he loved most.

“A Novice Cycles to Work” was the title of Kelty’s blog. It publicized his dedication to a life change in 2014 to ride his bike to and from work.

He had a plan. He did research. He practiced.

As Indianapolis turns more and more biker friendly each day, Kelty wanted to join the movement. Tweets prove the passion. He retweeted INDYCOG‘s safety reminders about having lights on bikes. He gave props to the Pacers for “stepping up to sponsor” the bike share program. Kelty was excited about what the future held.

Thursday morning, police say Kelty was riding in the bike lane when he was hit and killed by a school bus driver.

“Usually when a car is taking a turn either right or left and a bicyclist is driving across the intersection we see a lot of people, a lot of drivers, missing the bicyclist, not seeing the bicyclist,” said Personal Injury Attorney Lance Worland.

The crash happened around 7:30 a.m. near the intersection of Westlane and Ditch roads. It was a commute Kelty had done over and over again. His helmet lying under the school bus is a bone-chilling reminder of the effort he put in to be safe.

The biking community mourns the loss.

“Tragic loss this morning. I mean, the biker. I grieve for the family and the driver also,” said cyclist Olgen Williams.

People are grieving at home and online. They’re remembering the passion Kelty had for the future of Indy’s cycling community and reflecting on his one simple request to close his blog entry.

As he wrapped up his blog entry that details his plans and effort to bike to and from work he writes:

“I’m looking forward to tackling my first morning ride into work.
And if you see me out there, please don’t hit me with your car.”

To read Kelty’s full blog click here.

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