Chamber: Orthopaedic industry put Warsaw on the map

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WARSAW, Ind. (WANE) One day after two Warsaw-based companies announced their $13 billion merger, NewsChannel 15 is learning more about their impact on our area.

Zimmer Holdings and Biomet announced Thursday that they will combine next year.

“When you think about a public company, you think about companies with good revenue streams with quality products. Of course, you worry that a Wall Street account might happen that would pull one of them out of the company. That’s why we were so pleased that it’s Zimmer and Biomet coming together, rather than ‘brand x’ and Biomet,” said Mark Dobson, President and CEO of Warsaw Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce.

According to Dobson, 50 percent of the orthopaedic market in the United States and 30 percent worldwide comes from Warsaw.

He said Zimmer Holdings is the largest employer in the region and Biomet is among the top 25.

“We have a long history of placing students of our mechanical engineering degrees, our chemical engineering degrees, as well as a degree called design engineering technology,” said Tom DeAgostino, Executive Director of Innovation One at Trine Universit

Warsaw employs between five and ten Trine University students in Angola every year.

“Really, we are compelled to make sure that we define a good program that meets the needs of the biomedical industry in Warsaw,” said DeAgostino.

In fact, the university introduced a new biomedical engineering degree a few years ago.

“The fact that we are doing a biomedical degree is very much inspired by the fact that we want to support the industry in Warsaw,” said DeAgostino.

“It complements this whole center of excellence concept where there’s a pipeline of potential engineering students coming out of Trine that understand the industry because they’re learning right here in the industry’s backyard,” said Dobson.

Dobson predicts jobs to stay flat for now, then experience a healthy growth curve.

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