Cold water challenge benefits local charities

Radar Snapshot from 8:39 PM

STEUBEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – There have been several challenges through social media that have either caused harm to individuals or resulted in someone spitting out whatever they put in their mouths. There’s a new challenge going around on social media, and it’s for worthy causes.

It’s called the cold water challenge. A person calls someone out or is called out on social media to jump in cold water. They have 24 hours to complete the challenge. If the challenge isn’t done, the person challenged must donate money to a charity of the challenger’s choice. But, people are still doing the challenge and donating money to the challenger’s charity.

The Steuben County Sheriff’s Department was called out by the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department last week. A few deputies, staff members and Sheriff Tim Troyer responded to the challenge.

“It was an opportunity to do something together. It was an opportunity to do something for a good cause,” said Sheriff Troyer.

There have been two organizations in Steuben County that have benefited from the cold water challenge. Cops for Kids and Steuben County Cancer Association have been the two organizations that challengers want others to give donations to.

Candy Oliver, executive director for Steuben County Cancer Association, said donations have been down this year due to the harsh winter. This challenge has brought in hundreds of dollars within a few weeks.

“We’ve raised probably $800 to $900 so far,” she said. “It means the world to us. It means a lot and it means a lot to our cancer patients. 

Sheriff Troyer has called out Angola Fire and Police departments, two state troopers, and a few Department of Natural Resources officers for the challenge. Sheriff Troyer has given each department 48 hours to complete the challenge. His rule is any money raised from the challenge must be given to local charities in Steuben County.

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