Woman says gas station sold her water, not fuel

Woman says this Clark Station at 3220 Wayne Trace sold her water instead of fuel.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – One woman thought a gas station in Fort Wayne sold her $40 worth of fuel.  That is until her car stopped running after she filled up.  Turns out it was water, not gasoline, and state officials are investigating.

The Division of Weights and Measures is aware of the problem with the mid-grade and premium fuel at the Clark Station located at 3220 Wayne Trace.  On Wednesday, red tickets from the state were covering the pump and said that station could not sell that octane of fuel until the problem is resolved.  clark station

The woman who reported the problem is Stacey Ahlborn.  She says in early February her car suddenly stopped running after she filled up there.  The problem? A mechanic said her tank was full of water when it was supposed to be filled with gas.  It caused close to $1200 worth of damage to her fuel pump and fuel level sensor.  State officials say the station had more than 3,000 gallons of water in its underground storage tank.

“I was devastated,” Ahlborn said, “I mean you don’t expect something like that from a gas station.  You expect to get the fuel that you pay for, not water in your tank.  All I really want is my money back.  So, please give me my money back!”

Ahlborn and her husband say they’ve been in touch with the manager of the Clark Station on Wayne Trace.  They say he claimed his insurance company would pay for damages.  The Ahlborns say months have gone by and they still have not gotten it.  Apparently the manager is not returning their calls.

The Ahlborns say they have plans to take him to court if they don’t get paid back soon.

NewsChannel 15’s Megan Reust spoke with the owner of the Clark Station, Sam Shah, and he says he knows about the problem.  Apparently a part of the underground storage tank was broken and melting snow drained into it.  Shah says the part has been ordered and is scheduled to be replaced soon.  He says four or five customers had damage to their cars because of it.  Shah says his insurance company will reimburse people, but he doesn’t know how soon.

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