Police: Alleged thief threatens witness

Mug shot of Foster Mowrey courtesy the Allen County Sheriff's Department.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A man who police say stole copper wiring from the AEP facility on Baer Road is now facing an intimidation charge after he allegedly threatened a witness in the case.

Police said Foster Mowrey, 31, was arrested on March 18 after being seen by security guards who suspected he was trying to steal copper wire. Mowrey did not have any copper wire on him at the time of this arrest, but he was found with a flashlight on him, and pliers nearby. Police also saw bolt cutters, a large tool bag and a rental agreement with a self-storage facility in his car.

According to court documents, on April 11, Mowrey made a phone call to one of the witnesses in the case. The victim said he missed the call, but called the number back.

When Mowrey picked up the phone, he told the victim it was him and said that he had a “hit” out on the victim. Mowrey also said the victim was a “snitch” and asked why the victim didn’t tell him the police were looking for him.

The victim called police that night to tell them about the phone call.

Police said they picked Mowrey up at a motel he was staying at four days after he made the phone call.

During an interview with police, Mowrey admitted to making the call to the victim, but denied threatening him.

Police said Mowrey called the victim “slow” and said he was a liar.

As of Tuesday, Mowrey was listed in the Allen County Jail.

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