Police: Third arrest is final one in Peanuts shooting

Demanuel Tompkins mug shot courtesy of the Allen County Sheriff's Department

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Fort Wayne Gang and Violent Crimes Unit has arrested a third suspect in connection to a beating and shooting at Peanuts Food and Spirits. That incident happened on March 30.

Police arrested Demanuel Tompkins on Saturday afternoon at an apartment on 2727 Stardale Drive. They said he didn’t put up a fight, and was taken into custody without incident.  He’s being chargd with felony battery and criminal gang activity.

Earlier this month, police arrested two other suspects: Adonis Robinson and Christopher Sewell. They also face several charges.

Adonis Robinson & Christopher Sewell

Original police reports said around 15 other men walked into the bar with the three suspects. However, police say the three men arrested in connection to the beating and shooting are the ones directly responsible for the crime. Two of the suspects beat Marvin Davis, Jr. and one of them shot him multiple times. Therefore, they don’t expect to make any more arrests in the case.

Fort Wayne police said this weekend’s arrest is just another example of how effective the newly revamped Gang Unit is. Since it was reintroduced earlier this year, members of the unit have made several arrests and said they are just getting started.

“It’s a good message for individuals that are involved in this type of activity that quite frankly, these dogs can hunt and they’re not going to give up. They do not stop. They will find you, and they will make an arrest. Then, they will move to the next incident and do the same to the next person or parties involved,” said FWPD spokesperson, Michael Joyner.

Joyner said the FWPD Gang Unit has worked nonstop since the battery and shooting happened last month.  It’s that kind of dedication Joyner said epitomizes the unit’s work.

“We outnumber those idiots. They don’t rule the city. They’re under our thumb and we will start dictating moving forward,” said Joyner.

Joyner said tips from the community as well as high-quality surveillance footage from Peanuts were key in making the arrests.

“We’ve made some great arrests based upon some great information. We had a lot of evidence that led us to them through surveillance cameras and films. So, we knew who we wanted, we knew why we wanted them, and have been very successful in doing that,” said Joyner.

The owner of Peanuts did not want to go on camera, but he wants the public to know he has increased security at his business. He also said the surveillance video clearly shows one of the suspects turning and smiling at the camera as he was walking into Peanuts.

Joyner said this incident was targeted and these suspects would have committed the crime regardless of the location.

“Crime is not going to discriminate. Silliness and stupidity will not discriminate based upon any area of town, any time of day, or any time of night,” said Joyner.

Fort Wayne police also want to encourage the community to keep sharing information and tips. They said it’s the responsibility of every citizen to look out for his or her community and city.

“When you live in a community, it’s a requirement. When you live in a neighborhood, it’s a requirement to be involved. You’ve got an investment. You’ve got an investment in your home, you’ve got an investment in your family, and you’ve got an investment in the overall wellness of the community. If you’re not involved, then basically you’re kind of part of the problem,” said Joyner.

For those individuals who are concerned about possibly facing consequences or danger for giving information to the police, Joyner said they shouldn’t worry.

“You’ve got to be involved. We encourage it. Don’t worry about it. Hollywood would suggest that if you get involved, there’s going to be some type of retaliatory strike on your house and your well-being. That’s a script in a movie. Rarely does anything like that ever happen,” said Joyner.

FWPD credits their many partners and other agencies with assisting in the arrests and other investigations.

“Whether in state or out of state, or out of state, we’ve got the resources on the team to continue the investigation and affect arrests. So, there’s really no place they can go or hide. If they choose to leave our jurisdiction, our federal partners can reach out and grab them,” said Joyner.

As for future plans for the FWPD Gang Unit, Joyner said they will keep utilizing their current methods and techniques and are confident they will continue to successful.

“Obviously, what we’re doing works and we will continue to do what we’ve been doing because it’s extremely successful. This is a recipe for success and we are enjoying our success,” said Joyner.

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