Cattle on the loose disrupt traffic

Cows on SR 500 (Photo courtesy: Wilson Riley)

PAULDING COUNTY, Ohio (WANE) – A herd of about 50 cows gave drivers in Paulding County quite a headache on Monday morning.

According to the Paulding County Sheriff’s Department, police began receiving calls about the loose cattle at around 10 a.m. No accidents were reported, but witnesses said the cows were blocking traffic in both directions on SR 500, near CR 87.

Police said the cows got out of their fenced-in area. The herd’s farmer was called to gather the cows.

Heather used Report!t to send NewsChannel 15 pictures her 12-year-old son, Wilson Riley, took of the cows. Check out the photo gallery here.

As of Monday afternoon, police were unsure if all of the cows had been rounded up. Police said none of the cows were injured.

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