Months of domestic issues preceded Indy murder-suicide

Photo courtesy WISH-TV

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Two Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers who are dead after a murder-suicide Thursday had a months-long domestic dispute, Police Chief Rick Hite explained Friday.

Hite said Thursday night Sgt. Ryan Anders entered his ex-wife Officer Kimberlee Carmack’s home through a patio door, shot her multiple times and turned the gun on himself. Anders took someone else’s car to the home.

IMPD discovered on Feb. 18 that Anders and Carmack needed some attention, Hite said. An internal investigation began on March 12 because of their issues. That’s when both of them were placed on administrative leave; they were both required to turn in their weapons.

Both Anders and Carmack were provided assistance by IMPD. A protective order was issued March 31. The next day, IMPD turned over its investigation to the Marion County prosecutor’s office for review.

Hite said the department did all it could but Anders appeared determined to carry out the murder-suicide. He had been seeing a psychologist, and Carmack had been staying in a safe place. However, Carmack returned to the home against the advice of IMPD.

Carmack’s son remains with IMPD. Hite remarked the department has reached out to him and other officers to provide support.

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