Canoe trip aims to improve rivers

FILE: Canoes

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – On Friday, an orientation was held for the 20 people who are heading from Fort Wayne to Toledo on a nine-day canoe trip.

Organizers said the goal of the trip is to invite people to fall in love with the rivers again and to identify where there might be contamination from farm tiles.

Participant Erik Mollberg says he’ll be tackling the nine day trip and turning it all into a documentary.

“Certainly Fort Wayne has been looking a lot all of the City Council members and such about cleaning up the rivers and making this more viable.  This is important so I’m hoping that I’m able to you know at least come up with this information to make this world a lot more cleaner than it is right now,” Mollberg said.

Participants will travel about 15 and a half miles each day on the Maumee River. As part of the trip, they’ll be helping to gather more accurate GPS locations of landing spots along the Maumee. The group also plans to plant seeds around the riverbank.

They have special programming planned on April 22nd for Earth Day.

For more information on the trip, click here.

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