Family reacts to arrest in fatal robbery attempt

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Family members of Antonio Nino, the victim in last Monday’s fatal armed robbery attempt, said their prayers have been answered.

Last Tuesday, family, friends and customers said goodbye to Nino. With a vigil, prayers and a make-shift memorial, the neighborhood came together.

In this case, a week made a big difference.

“One of the happiest guys in Fort Wayne right now, this guy right here. I’m just supper happy, I love it,” said Jose Nino, Antonio’s younger brother.

Nino received a phone call from his brother Tuesday night, saying police arrested their brother’s killer.

“Just the best day of my life, remind me of all the good things about my brother,” said Nino.

He knew some of the worse case scenarios.

“I didn’t want this to go on for a year, two, a couple years because there’s cases like that all around.”

“We’re just so grateful that he can’t hurt anybody else anymore and it’s answered a lot of prayers,” said Christine Vallejo, a family member.

Still, Nino knows there are two sides to every story.

“There’s two families right now that lost loved ones that are going to lose loved ones, I’m sorry but at the same time, just glad that the police are doing their job,” said Nino.

They continue to pray for Antonio’s family.

“For his family, to stay strong and know that this is a great, great victory,” said Melissa Martinez, who knew Nino.

They also pray for the judicial system to convict Nino’s killer.

“Justice will be served in the right way and just if I could say thank you to the police, thank you very, very much, you are loved by us forever,” said Nino.

For now, the whole family will breathe a sigh of relief.

“I know my brother can rest it in peace now, knowing that the guy who did this is captured,” said Nino.

Family members said they plan to be there for every court date of Jamel Coleman, the man accused of killing Nino.

They also eventually hope to put up a permanent memorial for Nino.




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