New proposed academic standards for Indiana released

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – New academic standards will soon replace the old Common Core once the new proposed standards go through a series of votes in the next couple weeks.

More than 150 educators, business leaders, experts and many communities across the state have put in their thoughts and considerations into what Hoosier students should be learning at each grade level. The Indiana State Board of Education released its new proposed standards Tuesday morning.

Though state lawmakers voted this past legislation to scrap the Common Core, some educators would like to adopt some of the old standards into the new ones, but it will be more rigorous.

“The feeling of maybe we could use some of the Common Core standards,” said Cari Whicker, who sits on the State Board of Education. “Maybe we can tweak them, but we certainly have other things we like to add.”

Dr. Ken Folks, East Allen County Schools superintendent, said had a chance to look over the new proposed plan. He said once it’s been adopted, teachers and administrators within the district will have to go through their curriculum bundles this summer and match up the new standards.

“Hopefully soon, as educators, we will have our Indiana academic standards. And now the next question will be, what will the assessments look like,” he said.

Indiana was the first state to adopt the Common Core, the first state to get rid of it.

With these new standards, students will no longer take the ISTEP; they’ll take a different test instead.

A committee will vote on these proposed standards next Monday, and then the entire State Board of Education will vote on them the following week. If approved, they’ll go into effect July 1st.

To see the new proposed standards, click here.

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