Half Price Books donates more than 5,000 books

The 5000 books were collected from the public during the company's 16th annual Half Pint Library book drive, and each book was matched by Half Price Books.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  A Fort Wayne book store made a huge donation for non-profit organizations in need on Tuesday.

Half Price Books collected from the public and matched them during its Half Pint Library book drive, which ran from February 16 to March 31. 

On Tuesday, the more than 5,000 books were given to non-profit organizations and schools in need.

“Schools are always a little bit under budget for being able to buy things like books and other materials. so we just do it help out the kids the teachers the librarians and the community,” said Dave Jones, Inventory Manager for Indiana.

According to the company’s website, almost 400,000 books have been donated through the program so far in 2014.

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