Businesses thrown off after April snowfall

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) New blooms, green grass and a warm breeze: They’re all sure signs of spring. Those adjectives didn’t ring true Tuesday. Employees with local businesses said they thought we were in the clear. Now, they’re left waiting for sales to pick back up.

Fort Wayne neighborhoods woke up to a fresh layer of snow.

Meteorologist Jesse Hawila and the NewsChannel 15 crew were at Parkview Field Monday night when snow started to fall.

The game was cut short. However, it didn’t stop players, even our crew from playing a little ball.

This afternoon, businesses seemed thrown off.

“You have all this hope and then we get this, so it was very busy there for a little while,” said Gary Gant, Director of Golf for Chestnut Hills Golf Club.

Chestnut Hills Golf Club usually starts getting busy in mid-March, mid-April.

According to Gant, sales are down 80 to 90 percent.

Thankfully, the course does most of its business later in the year.

“I’ve been doing this for about 38 years and I have never seen any weather like this,” said Gant.

Without customers, Gant isn’t worried about being outside catering to golfers. Instead, he’s completing other projects inside.

“We know that once it breaks, it’s going fast break so we got to be ready for it.”

Dairy Queen employees said business picked up the last couple of weeks.

“Their mind is thinking spring, but this weather’s just shocking us,” said Fareedah Hernandez, employee at Dairy Queen.

Employees said business was slower Tuesday, but they know it’s just temporary.

“I have confidence, I’m a positive woman, in a couple days, Spring will be here for good,” said Hernandez.

Click here for more pictures of Monday night and Tuesday morning’s snowy weather.


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