State Senate Dist. 15 Republican candidates speak on experience, backgrounds

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Indiana’s May primary is right around the corner and candidates running for senate seat in District 15 are making their final rounds.

After 28 years at the statehouse, Tom Wyss decided to not seek re-election. Since his announcement, that’s open the door for four republican candidates to replace him.

Liz Brown,  Darren Vogt, Ken Fries and Jeff Snyder are all still in the running for Wyss’ seat. The candidates feel they have the background and expertise to best serve the people of District 15.

“People want to know why I think I’m the best candidate, and I’ve been able to share with them my experience on city council and that experience as a legislator,” said Liz Brown. “I’m the only one that has that experience.”

“When you look at the candidates, and you look at the well-roundness of my business experience and experience in local government, I think I have the complete package,” said Darren Vogt.

“I’ve accepted challenges, fixed challenges,” said Jeff Snyder. “I’ve started companies and I’ve devised new methods, new ways.”

“I think I’m the best well-rounded candidate because of the fact I have that experience as a small business owner, plus all the public safety and working well with other groups,” Ken Fries said.

With different backgrounds, they all wanted to revisit the Core 40 curriculum that was voted on in the General Assembly this past legislation to end it and giving tax breaks to companies in Indiana to create jobs.

The republican nominee will face democrat Jack Morris in the general election.


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