Street crews are making permanent fixes to potholes

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – This time of year, they’re a constant source of frustration for drivers.  And they create quite a battle for the street department: potholes.  But now that temperatures are warming up, crews can make permanent fixes.

“While it’s going to cause some delays and people are going to see these crews all over the community, I think they are going to be glad with what is being done,” City Spokesperson Frank Suarez said.

Warmer weather means the street department can finally begin making asphalt to fill potholes and repair streets.  Over the last few months when potholes popped up… they had to make temporary fixes with something they call a cold patch.

“We had some potholes that we filled around town and had to go back yet that same week to fill them again.”

Frank Suarez, spokesperson for the city of Fort Wayne Public Works says asphalt is a permanent fix.  So far this year they’ve started getting reports of potholes earlier than in years past.

“We started getting calls this year even as early as the last week in January. So, a little bit earlier. At this point it’s too early to tell if it’s more than we would normally get in a year.”

Crews have filled more than 1500 of them.  They ask that you call 311 in case you find one they haven’t been found yet.

“We can’t look at every mile of the street, so please call in potholes and be specific. What side of the road is it? What hundred block? Let us know so that we can get to that.”

If you happen to come across a crew repairing potholes, please slow down and wait until it’s safe to pass their trucks.

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