Millions of kittens are put down due to overpopulation

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – According to Alley Cat Allies, a nonprofit advocacy organization that develop communities to protect and improve the lives of cats, reports that 40 million kittens will be born this year. Half of them will be put down for numerous of reasons including being healthy, overpopulation or people not adopting them.

Peggy Bender, with Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, said the start of the spring is known as kitten season.

“So many babies are born at this time of year and in the next few weeks, we’ll start to see endless numbers of litters being turned in,” she said.

The next step is to adopt the kittens, but Bender said that’s not as easy as it may seem.  She said there are more kittens and cats than there are people across the country. Many shelters euthanize the kittens due to limited resources and kittens that are unhealthy and require around-the-clock care.

“You cannot adopt your way out of this problem,” Bender said. “It is so massive and so large; there are just not enough homes for all of the cats and kittens.”

Bender encourages people with cats and/or kittens to get them spayed or neutered. She said that’s the only way to keep the population down.

Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control offers $10 adoptions for kittens and cats. The fees include microchip, first round of vaccinations and spay/neuter service. These services are paid for by a grant to help keep kittens and cats out of shelters and into their forever homes.


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