2014 Vera Bradley sale begins

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Thousands of shoppers from around the country are visiting Fort Wayne for the 30th annual Vera Bradley sale.

Shoppers stood in line as early as 4 a.m. Wednesday.

“My mom and I love Vera, my little girls, we have a little bit of everything and so this was just something fun to do last year for us,” said Keri Hajduk.

“Those of us here at Vera Bradley really invite the Fort Wayne community and the public to come out and enjoy the sale. You can pop in for just an hour or so, to do some quick shopping and we know in the past some people think the lines are long but we’ve gotten it down to a science,” said Melissa Schenkel , Public Relations Manager of Vera Bradley.

First-timer Yvonne Hines waits her turn.

“I got a credit card, I’m ready, I got good shoes on,” said Hines.

Teresa O’Brien says meeting other shoppers is part of the fun.

“I get to see them here the following year because I make sure I get their names and addresses and phone numbers so that I can see them too,” said O’Brien.

Even with how many Vera Bradley pieces she already has…

“About 4,000, 4,500.”

And despite her husband’s wishes, she was still determined to get her fill.

“Before dinner, his prayer was lord please don’t let my wife spend so much at Vera Bradley this year thank you for our food.”

However, Teresa and her mother-in-law said it’s more than just shopping.

“Vera Bradley has done so much in our community for breast cancer research and have given millions of dollars to that cause and as a nurse practioner in the healthcare field, I feel very akin to anything that they do,” said Nancy O’Brien.

According to organizers, in the past, between 45,000 and 65,000 shoppers attended the sale.

It offers 70 trailers full of merchandise, including signature bags, colorful luggage, accessories, baby products, bedding and more. For a preview of the items, visit NewsChannel 15’s photo gallery.

The sale goes through Sunday.

Thursday and Friday are open to customers who bought tickets, which are still available on their website.

Those without tickets can shop this weekend.



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