Tattoo shop treasures dying artform

Justin Lim hand paints storefront window at Studio 13 Tattoo.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A local tattoo shop has given area artists the opportunity to revive a dying art.  Over the weekend, two artists showed off their craft at Studio 13 Tattoo in Fort Wayne by hand-painting the business’ shop windows.

Some time ago a walk down any Main Street showed dozens of hand-painted shop windows.  Over time and with advances in technology, hand-painted signs have nearly gone away and been replaced with vinyl signs.

It’s no surprise, a vinyl storefront sign can cost a business owner and tenth of the price and take a tenth of the time of a handmade custom sign.

However, Jake and Jes Farris, co-owners of Studio 13 Tattoo in Fort Wayne, saw things differently. s They decided to hearken back to the past by hiring local artists to hand paint their shop windows.

The job was done Friday through Sunday by two Fort Wayne sign makers.  David Doell, 62, has made hand-painted and vinyl signs in the Summit City for over 35 years.  Justin Lim, 27, has only been in the sign business for six years, but he and Doell are committed to making masterpieces together.

Photojournalist Maverick Atteberry spent the weekend at Studio 13 to see what compelled the owners to choose this dying art over its modern counterpart.

Studio 13 is located at 416 West Coliseum Boulevard.

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