Tasty Pizza condemned after October fire

Tasty Pizza

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Tasty Pizza on East State Boulevard is now condemned after a fire damaged it back in October, but Allen County officials said it could be back open as early as Friday.

County Building Commissioner Dave Fuller said the fire only damaged the upstairs of the restaurant and with a little water-damage cleanup, the owner was able to reopen the pizza business.

However, inspectors said a few months later, the condition of the building changed.

“The roof deck that was supposed to have been repaired or replaced, because of the winter weather we had and the snow, was sagging and compromised significantly more than it had been in October when we were there.  And so we determined that the roof structure was unsafe and ordered the condemnation of the entire building,” Fuller said.

Since that condemnation, a contractor has come in and made repairs to the roof. The contractor is also working on electrical issues and cleaning up the restaurant.

Inspectors are coming back to the restaurant Friday and the pizza shop could reopen after that if the Department of Health signs off on it.

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