Flooding caused apartment entry closures

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Thursday’s rainfall caused significant flooding within the city. Some apartment complexes and mobile home parks had to close off entrances because of high water.

Countryside Village off of Washington Center Road had a sign in front of its entrance saying, “Bridge Temporary Closed”.

“Came home from work and came through the front entrance and it was blocked off,” said Jenni Wiegmann.

Wiegmann said she’s lived at Countryside Village for nearly 10 years. She’s never seen significant flooding in this area. She said she uses the front entrance to get to her mailbox and to avoid potholes near the back entrance. The flooding has caused more issues than just high water.

“A lot of extra trash is accumulating through the park and the woods,” she said.

Over at Coliseum Park Apartments, the entrance into its complex on Ridgewood Drive was open. Michael Bolin has been living in the complex for nearly two weeks and never expected this much flooding. As he was coming home, he witnessed at least two vehicles that got stuck in the standing water.

“I ended up having to take an alternate route. It took me an extra five minutes to get back to the apartment,” Bolin said.

City officials want people to clear the storm drains of debris in your neighborhood. They’re concerned with debris from the winter clogging up the drains and causing more flooding.

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