Vegas Strip art turns signs into love notes

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This photo provided by The Cosmopolitan shows a giant LED sign that displays love notes outside The Cosmopolitan on the Las Vegas Strip. The casino plans to start broadcasting the animated works of contemporary British artist Tracey Emin for about three minutes every hour, starting on Monday, March 31, 2014. Passersby will see about a dozen giant indoor and outdoor marquees go black, then hand written phrases such as "I promise to love ya" will appear in glowing letters. The Cosmopolitan says it's part of the casino's ongoing efforts to put interactive art in unexpected places, including the property's 65-foot-tall marquee. (AP Photo/The Cosmopolitan, Erik Kabik)

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Las Vegas Strip casino is turning some of its flashy LED billboards into giant love notes to the masses.

The Cosmopolitan casino plans to start broadcasting the animated artwork of contemporary British artist Tracey Emin on Monday every hour for 3 minutes.

About eight indoor and outdoor marquees usually reserved for advertising superstar DJs and pool parties will go black, while an invisible hand slowly writes phrases such as “I promise to love you” in glowing letters that grow in intensity.

“It will be a moment of magic, and leave someone with a story to tell,” said Lisa Marchese, the casino’s chief marketing officer.

The neon writings are part of a project called Pause that co-opts the marquees for art. While the signs have displayed other art in the past, Emin’s work will be extended to more screens than in the past, including tickers, according to Cosmopolitan officials. The works are set to show through February.

The casino, which opened in 2010, features other art displays such as an interactive gallery and graffiti art on parking garage walls.

“We have a very strong point of view that our guests are really interested and interesting,” Marchese said. The Cosmopolitan aims “to present the same type and level of experience” its big city customers can find at home.

Emin says she finds Las Vegas to be romantic and hopes the display gives viewers a moment to reflect on love amid the hustle and bustle of the Strip.

“It’s fantastic that the hotel wants to do this,” Emin said. “It’s not about selling things. It’s about love.”


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