Neighborhood holds contest for entrance sign

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  A neighborhood in Fort Wayne is asking aspiring designers to enter their ideas for a new entrance sign for a chance to win $500.

Leaders with Fort Wayne’s West Central Neighborhood Association said their current entrance sign at the corner of Jefferson and Garden Street is decades old, and now they want something designed that respects the past while embracing the future.

Anyone can submit a proposal before June 1, 2014. Click here for the entry form. 

The winner of the $500 will be announced in July.

The following list of guidelines is from the West Central Neighborhood’s website. To see a list of required submission materials and evaluation criteria, check out the PDF document the organization has put together on the contest.

Contest Guidelines

  1. The design ideas should innovate, inspire and challenge, but entrants are encouraged to consider the practicalities of realizing their scheme;
  2. WCNA would like to install additional neighborhood markers at other locations in the future, and the winning design will have elements that could be adapted for other sites;
  3. Construction budget is $5,000 per location;
  4. City sign codes permit up to 50 square feet of signage on a structure up to 8 feet tall, located at least 5 feet away from any street right of way edge. If a location is planned on a street right of way, the City Division of Public Works requires a minimum of 18” clear zone between roadway edge and the structure. Public Works generally adopts City sign code requirements in approving signs placed on City rights of way.
  5. The design should be inexpensive for WCNA to own, operate, and maintain during its life expectancy. The designs should be sufficiently durable to last at least 30 years with little to no additional maintenance.

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