Big repairs coming to some neighborhoods in need

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Prepare to see lots of orange barrels.  The city’s $20,000,000 project focusing on neighborhood roads is about to begin.

Even before the rough winter chewed up our roads in Fort Wayne, Mayor Tom Henry and other city officials committed to giving more attention to neighborhoods.  It’s all part of a five year plan aimed at fixing infrastructure.  Roads, curbs, and sidewalks will get some major repairs.

Traffic engineers have put together a nine page list of some of the most beaten up streets in Fort Wayne.  On that list is Madison Street.  It’s riddled with potholes and cracks that will soon transform into even more potholes.

Driving around the city you can see some neighborhood streets need some serious repairs.  A common complaint Mayor Tom Henry has heard time and time again.

“Can you do something about our streets? And he sees the conditions of some of them,” City Public Works Spokesperson Frank Suarez explained.

Even before winter weather chewed up streets, Mayor Henry and city officials decided to shift their attention to neighborhood roads.

“We are committing to 50 miles of paving, a number of concrete streets. A lot of resurfacing and new work going on.  The amount of money that we are going to be spending is well over $20 million which is a record amount for the city of Fort Wayne from local funds.”

Traffic engineers use a five page rating scale to determine which streets need the most attention.  On a 100 point scale, Madison Street near Indiana Tech is rated negative 14.  Neighbors NewsChannel 15 spoke with can attest to just how horrible the road is.

“I’ve been here for 37 years,” Jessie Baker said, “They haven’t done anything to it since I’ve been here.  The curbs are all humpy and broke apart and potholes everywhere. So, it could really use a repair job.”

Madison Street is one of many on the list to get a major facelift.  Something that makes folks like Jessie Baker happy.

“Well it’s going to be different. It’s really going to make the neighborhood look a little better.”

To see the full list of roads set for repair, click here.

Construction is set to begin next month.  Officials hope to have everything on the list repaired by fall.

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