Holocaust survivor speaks on power of forgiveness

Eva Kor, Holocaust survivor

WINONA LAKE, Ind. (WANE) – Eva Kor, a Holocaust survivor, spoke before hundreds of people at Grace College about her experience in the Holocaust and how the power of forgiveness played a vital role in her life moving forward.

Kor and her family: mother, father and three sisters, are from the village of Port, Romania. Their community was occupied by a Hungarian Nazi armed guard.  In the 1940’s, she and her family were taken out of their village and on their way to Auschwitz.

Her mother, father and other two sisters were separated once they got to a concentration camp and she said she never seen them again. She and her twin sister, Miriam, stayed together. They eventually became human medical experiments of Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele.

Years later after being freed, Kor said she has forgiven those who put her and her family through the horrific experience.

“I was hurt,” said Kor. “And I learned how to heal myself.”

Her message to the audience was if she could forgive, everyone else has the same power to do so.

“There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that every suffering human being can heal themselves in forgiveness,” she said.

Adam Gutwein attended Kor’s presentation. He said he was once bullied back in school. He recalls Kor talking about bullies and how she brought to light a different perspective to bullies and why they pick on people.

“It was very powerful for me when she said, ‘the way to stand up to a bully is to kind of be confident,'” said Gutwein. “Realize they’re a victim, too. They’re hurting other people because they’ve been hurt.”

Pastors and counselors were on hand at the end of the presentation to offer advice on how to forgive.

More than 2500 people attended Kor’s presentation.

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