Convicted murderer found guilty in jailer attack

Take your coat with you Friday!

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  An Allen County Judge found Deadrian C. Boykins guilty on Tuesday of Aggravated Battery for an attack on a jail guard where he used a metal cafeteria tray as a weapon back in December of 2013.

Boykins was already serving time after being convicted in November of gunning down 17-year-old Elijah Freeman in the yard of a Fort Wayne home in April after the two had gotten into an apparent argument.

In the December incident which took place on Christmas, five days after Boykins’ sentencing, Boykins apparently had words with the jail guard, Quinton Greer. Court documents state Boykins first hit Greer in the head with a food tray and then punched him in the head more than a dozen times, kicked him twice and threw a second food tray at his head while he was on the floor. Sheriff Ken Fries said the inmate punched Greer around 20 times. When Fries got the call about what happened, he was told an officer was in a pool of blood with a head injury.

For the Freeman murder, Boykins was sentenced to 65 years.  He’ll be sentenced for the attack on Greer on April 15, 2014.



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