New standards mean more testing for Hoosier students

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Educators across the state are weighing in on what they think new standards should be for Hoosier students.  Governor Pence signed into law Monday a piece of legislation that formally withdraws Indiana from Common Core.  But critics question how much of a change these new standards will be.

For those who aren’t familiar with Common Core, it spells out what students should be learning in math and reading at every grade.  Educators in our area say it hadn’t been fully implemented yet since legislators passed a law that put it on hold last year.  Now that we’re changing standards, this means students will have to take an extra test next year.

“From June 6th – the last day of school – to the first day of school in August, aside from moving up a grade I don’t think students are going to see a big change,” FWCS Spokesperson Krista Stockman said.

Scraping Common Core may make some parents feel uneasy.  But some area educators reassure they’ll still receive a top-notch education.

“The state and the federal government have always set standards for us and we have always had to meet those standards whether they were called Common Core or they were called something else.”

A committee at the state level has been collecting ideas and opinions from educators as to what these new standards should be.

“We are developing standards that will be of high quality and good rigor,” Executive Director of Communications for the Indiana Department of Education David Galvin said.

New standards mean another new test next year for students.  Stockman says after ISTEP, students still have to take the Common Core test then a new test so they know they’re making a fair comparison between the two.  Some teachers are wondering how they should be preparing students.

Officials with the Indiana Department of Education say more information on what the standards will be and how they will test students will become available soon.

“The committee will then put forward its recommendations to the Indiana Roundtable and then to the State Board of Education who will approve the new standards at the end of April.”

We will continue to follow this story for you and update you with developments.

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