Harsh winter leads to nearly $40K in repairs for FWCS

Shawnee Middle School and North Side High School were among the locations that needed repairs.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  The long stretch of subzero temperatures in January froze pipes and heating coils in several Fort Wayne Community Schools (FWCS) facilities, including North Side High School, Shawnee Middle School, and the Grile Administration Building.

Burst pipes caused more damage in some locations but school officials said the problems, for the most part, didn’t interrupt classes.

“Because the weather was so bad, students weren’t coming into the buildings,” said FWCS Public Information Officer Krista Stockman.  “So we had these issues happen and we had to make the repairs, but it didn’t really affect the classrooms because students weren’t in school.”

See the following chart for the full list of expenses:

Invoice Date Amount Vendor Location Description
01/10/14 $64.50 Warehouse Grile Boxes for Grile
01/22/14 $4,304.96 Water Out North Side Emergency Water Removal/Air mover
01/27/14 $6,791.80 Water Out Grile Emergency Water Removal/Air mover
2/10/2014 $715.00 Seely Office Solutions Grile Removed cubical accessories, files, flooring due to water.
01/30/14 $2,282.00 Johns Painting Grile Water Damage-patching and painting
01/27/14 $322.58 Environmental Management North Side HEPA Vacuum and prime the wall in principals office
01/08/14 $2,103.48 Current Mechanical North Side Sprinkler heads frozen, broken
01/13/14 $4,168.00 Bercot-Gibson Shawnee Repair waterline
01/08/14 $1,181.20 Stanley Steemer  North Side Emergency Water Removal
2/20/2014 $63.90 Federal Records Manag. North Side Damaged files shredding
2/26/2014 $4,883.00 Jack Laurie Interiors North Side Repair work due to water damage
3/3/2014 $2,921.00 Current Mechanical Harrison Hill Leak Repair
3/3/2014 $5,960.00 Current Mechanical Harrison Hill Coil Repairs
3/5/2014 $2,931.00 Jack Laurie Interiors GRILE DRYWALL PATCHING/CEILING TILE
TOTAL $39,920.42  

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