Rep. Stutzman: Tax warrant was a mistake

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LAGRANGE COUNTY, Ind. (KPC/WANE) – A tax warrant was filed against U.S. Representative Marlin Stutzman on March 11, but his office is claiming it was a mistake, according to WANE’s partner in news, KPC.

The warrant says Stutzman, a Republican from Howe, owes $2,213.95 in state individual income tax and a total of $2,466.19, including penalties, interest and fees. The Department of Revenue filed the tax warrant with the LaGrange County clerk, under the title “State V Marlin Stutzman.” It lists Stutzman as the primary taxpayer and his wife, Christy, as a joint taxpayer.

Rep. Stutzman’s office told KPC the issue was cleared up, but the Indiana Department of Revenue won’t say whether Stutzman is right or wrong. KPC reports the tax warrant remained on file Friday with the LaGrange County Clerk, with no indication that it has become inactive.

A spokesman for the Department of Revenue would not comment on why the state believes Stutzman owes the money. He said all other information in Stutzman’s file is confidential, and the same would be true for any other taxpayer.

According to KPC, a spokesman on Stutzman’s staff released this statement on March 13: “Congressman Stutzman spoke with the Indiana Department of Revenue today. It was a mistake on their end and should be corrected by Monday.”

The Department of Revenue would not comment on whether it issued the warrant in error.

KPC said on Thursday, a spokesman for Stutzman declined to comment on the situation.

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