Commissioners vote to continue to oversee thinned out 911 call center

STEUBEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – County commissioners will continue to oversee the 911 dispatch center in Steuben County.  This all stems from a big shortage of 911 call takers.

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Steuben County Sheriff Tim Troyer believes the 911 call center should be under his department’s supervision.  Although county commissioners disagree with him, Troyer says it’s his duty to help rebuild the communications department to help protect the safety of the community.

“I understand the commissioners don’t believe that and you know so be it,” Steuben County Sheriff Tim Troyer said.

After weeks of debate, the Steuben County Commissioners will continue to operate the 911 call center.  Right now, it should have 12 call takers and it only has three.  Commissioners say they’ve hired on a consultant to help them beef up staffing.

“Put it back up to the standards that we expect as emergency services providers and the community expects.”

Sheriff Troyer says about half of all Sheriff’s Departments in the state operate 911 call centers.  Especially smaller communities.

“You see firsthand what actually occurs. Those Sheriff’s who have that, communications under their umbrella, then have the ability to make those changes to provide better services to the communities.”

In the meantime though, Troyer has offered up some of his deputies who are experienced 911 call takers to help fill the gap in staffing.

“That is acceptable for me that we are working through that and I want to provide that for them.”

The consultant will be paid $2200 per week or $110 per hour, whichever is less, for up to 10 weeks.

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