Cell phone video shows Good Samaritan getting robbed

Yvonne M. Broadnax (Photo courtesy: Allen County Sheriff's Department)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A cell phone that was recording heavy snowfall on a dashboard also happened to catch a robbery in progress after the driver decided to be a Good Samaritan, according to court documents.

The driver told police that on March 12, she was stopped at a red light on Pontiac Street, near Smith Street, when a woman, who was later identified as Yvonne M. Broadnax, 37, asked for a ride. The victim agreed to give Broadnax a ride because it was cold and snowing.

Police said when Broadnax asked the victim to let her out just east of Pontiac and Anthony, she grabbed her purse. The victim told police she grabbed her purse back and Broadnax yelled “Let it go, [explicit]! I will cut you! I promise I will cut you!”

Broadnax left the car with the victim’s purse, which contained her passport, credit cards, wallet, and cash.

According to the probable cause, the victim had put her cell phone on her dashboard to record the heavy snowfall that day. The cell phone recording caught the entire robbery, including Broadnax’s face as she walked across the street after stealing the victim’s purse. The victim took her phone to police to show them the video.

The next day, the victim picked Broadnax’s face out of a photo lineup and told police she was the woman who robbed and threatened her.

According to police, in an interview, Broadnax admitted she was the woman in the cell phone video.

Broadnax was charged with robbery, a class B felony.

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