Cat who terrorized family goes to therapy

Lux the cat
Lux the cat.

PORTLAND, Ore. (CNN)  A 22-pound housecat in Portland, Oregon captured headlines after he trapped his owners in their bedroom when he got aggressive.

The cat is a Himalayan named Lux.  The owner says Lux scratched their baby and after he kicked the cat, it went crazy.  The family was so scared they locked themselves in a bedroom and called 911 for help.

The family has since turned the cat over to the county animal services because they’re overwhelmed by Lux’s behavioral issues.

A shelter spokeswoman described Lux as being a somewhat high-strung cat that’s in a high stress situation.  The owners live near a train station and the sound of loud noisy trains combined with a child who is learning to crawl have affected the cat.

The family must decide whether to take Lux back or give him up for adoption.

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