80-year-old woman beaten blind during robbery

Zachery A. Doan (Photo courtesy: Allen County Sheriff's Department)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – An 80-year-old Fort Wayne woman had to undergo multiple surgeries and is currently blind after a robber broke into her home and severely beat her, according to court documents. A suspect has been arrested and is facing multiple charges in the incident.

According to an affidavit for probable cause, Zachery A. Doan, 19, of Fort Wayne, knocked on the door of the victim’s home in the 4300-block of Springhill Drive on Monday, March 10 around 6:30 p.m. Doan had just left his aunt and uncle’s home next door.

The victim told police that Doan asked to use her bathroom. She said she was reluctant to let him in, but knew he was her neighbor’s nephew so she allowed him to come inside. Doan then asked for a gas can because he said he ran out of gas. The victim gave Doan a gas can and he left. She told police she locked the door immediately after Doan left.

Police said a short time later, Doan came back to the victim’s home and knocked on the front door again. He told the victim the gas can was broken and asked if he could come in and use her phone. The victim would not let Doan inside and told him to go next door and use his aunt and uncle’s phone.

She told police Doan then began pounding on her door and asking her for a ride. She refused to give him a ride and said Doan stood outside staring at her through a window for a few minutes before leaving again.

At around 9 p.m. that night, the victim told police she heard a loud boom and then saw Doan coming at her though her kitchen. Doan allegedly punched the victim multiple times in the face and head.

The victim told police she blacked out from the pain and woke up in her bedroom without knowing how she got there. She ran outside to her front porch and began screaming for help.

Her neighbors called police after hearing her screams. They told police the victim’s eye was swollen shut and she was covered in blood. Her nose was also severely lacerated.

Police said the victim’s purse, which had her cell phone and credit cards in it, along with $100 in cash, was missing from her house. Her purse was later found by a passerby in the 7500-block of Ideal Avenue.

During the investigation, police determined Doan broke through the back door of the victim’s home. Doan also took the back porch light out.

The next day, police saw Doan walking on Broadway, near Huestis Avenue, and stopped him. Police said the fingerprints from the crime scene matched Doan’s fingerprints. Doan was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, robbery, and burglary.

The victim’s daughter told police that one of her mother’s eyes was “pulverized” in the attack. Her other eye had a detached retina and doctors are unsure whether she will ever be able to see out of that eye again.

The victim’s doctor also told police that she would need to have surgery to repair facial fractures that she suffered during the attack.

As of Monday afternoon, Doan was listed in the Allen County Jail.

According to Doan’s aunt, he will appear in court later this week.

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