Winter takes toll on plow companies’ equipment

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Winter has taken its toll on everyone and everything this year. Plow companies are no exception.

Many maintenance and landscaping companies have made a nice profit this year with plowing and clear snow from roadways and personal driveways. All that work is taking its toll on companies’ equipment.  Jeremy Maidment, owner of Professional Maintenance and Landscaping, said his plows and other winter vehicles have been in the shop more this year than ever before.

“You have to replace brakes, and wheel hub bearings, and cutting edges on the plows,” he said.

He’s spent between 15 to 20 percent in repairs this year. Maidment said that’s the most he’s spent on winter repairs for his plows and vehicles in more than five or six years.

“So far this year, we’ve spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $11,000 to $15,000 on routine maintenance and repairs to the plows and or the trucks,” Maidment said.

Service centers are seeing a boom in business because of plow companies’ need of more routine repairs. Benjamin Walker, Summit City Chevrolet service consultant, said his service department has perform more repairs on plows and winter vehicles this year than the last three or four years. He said due to some of the plows being modified, they’re limited on what they can repair, but still can make necessary repairs such as brakes, tires, suspensions, etc.

“We’re looking, probably, from anywhere from, I would say, $125 to, I’ve seen upwards of almost $1500,” said Walker describing the price range of repairs per visit for these plow companies.

With those prices and constant visits, many maintenance and landscaping businesses can easily spend thousands of dollars in repairs this winter.

Mainment runs his service over the spring and summer. He said he will have to get everything serviced again to make sure it’s ready for the upcoming seasons.

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